Electronaut’s M63 is starting to attract the attention of a lot of studios, artists and producers as well as the dealers who carry the line throughout the world.

63 2 channel mixer

The first in a line of products from the boutique company based in Chicago and hand-built by owner/founder/designer Rob Roy Campbell, the M63′s success has meant that the company are working flat out to meet demand, all without compromising the superb build of the unit.

Rob Roy Campbell quotes:
“I’ve always thought of microphone preamps as being part of the overall instrument formed by the musician, microphone, preamp, and recorder. To that end, preamps should be designed to sound good rather than just boast good measurement specs; but with that being said, transparency is also very important in a lot of situations, and I think the M63 does a great job of straddling those two different goals.”

In the meantime, at one of Chicago’s premier recording facilities owner – John Humphreys from Engine Studios comments:

“Flexibility is the cornerstone of my studio ethos. In my 20 years in the business, I have always sought out studio products that deliver in multiple situations and I only buy gear I think has long-term survivability. I consider my Electronaut M63 another awesome tool in the shed, right there with our Neumann 367′s, My Gibson GA -20 or our Sphere”.

While one of the dealers who represents the company Ecstatic Electric’s Joel Morowitz in New York adds:

“In my honest opinion, the M63 is simply one of the finest sounding mic-pres currently being made. It’s gives you a wide palette of tonal options, which is great if your number of pre amp channels is limited. They are built with love. It’s such a fantastic company and we are so honored to be working with them.”

If that wasn’t enough to make you dash to your computer and access the Electronaut website to get your own fix, then there’s always a comment from LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy who says:

“The M63 is open and airy – perfect paired with an RCA BK5 on percussion. Transparent and focused imaging, allowing the mic’s natural smearing to come through, but not by being unmusically clear… instead, very harmonically pleasing on it’s own”

Meanwhile, you can see a video featuring Rob Roy Campbell as he talks about the M63 here:

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